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Why Newcomers to Canada Choose Calgary?

When it comes to a high quality of life and an attractive place to live, Calgary offers a great deal to almost everybody. The region is one of Canada’s most popular and fastest growing areas. But what is it about Calgary that specifically draws people in and makes them want to stay? Here’s a quick breakdown on some of Calgary’s most attractive properties as well as a few highlights about what you can expect to see if you move to the area.

Low Taxes, High Affordability

One of the things that immigrants to Canada notice quickly is that the tax rate is higher than many other comparable countries, especially the United States. These taxes do go to good use, fueling Canada’s high quality of life, but they may leave some newcomers in shock. Unlike much of the rest of Canada, however, Alberta does not charge a provincial tax. This reduces the tax rate as a whole and helps attract businesses to the area. As Calgary is the largest city in Alberta and has a thriving metropolitan area, it has become home to many of these companies. This means that a person living in Calgary can usually find better work and a lower cost of living than in many other areas in the country.

Many Things to Do

As the largest city in Alberta and the third largest city in all of Canada, Calgary offers more modern conveniences than virtually any other area. Despite its high population, it also has lots of open spaces that appeal to people who like outdoor activities. It is not uncommon for people to relocate to the city with the help of Calgary movers and find something to keep them entertained even before they finish packing. Some of the possibilities include boating, mountain climbing, and horseback riding. Those who prefer a more leisurely pace still have plenty of sightseeing options, and the many marketplaces of the area provide shopping opportunities galore.

Numerous Employment Opportunities

Calgary is home to a number of different oil and gas companies, which provide employment opportunities galore for people coming into the region. The number of jobs offered, ranging from labor positions to administration, management, and even janitorial opportunities, tend to pay higher than the average salary for the area and represent terrific opportunities to gain experience for building a resume. Oil and gas isn’t the only industry hiring in the area, of course. Clean energy companies, accounting firms, and hospitality services all have high employment rates in the city. Additionally, many entrepreneurs start up their small businesses in Calgary, bringing innovation and creativity with them.

Overall, Calgary is one of the most popular and fastest-growing metropolitan areas in Canada for a very good reason. It is a city filled with opportunities and activities, and it provides a person with all the resources they need to thrive financially. If you are considering a move to the area, you should reach out to an experienced moving company in Calgary. Our Calgary moving team can help make sure that you and your possessions get to your new home safely and quickly.

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