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The Benefits of Moving With Calgary Movers ABPRO

No hidden moving fees

Other than providing a great deal, we always guarantee that there will never be any hidden fees or extra charges.

Excellent reputation, thousands of satisfied clients

We are constantly trying to deliver the best possible customer service and consistently trying to enhance our reputation and our service.

Mid-month special pricing

We offer many different incentive programs and discounts throughout the year. Inquire about the special pricing you may be eligible to receive.

30 Years of Experience

We have been in business for over 30 years and have served Calgary with the utmost professionalism.

Stress Free Process

We handle the entire process from packing to moving so you can have the simple and ideal moving experience.

Storage Facility

We also offer storage facilities if needed, enjoy premium storage rates when you choose to move with Calgary Movers ABPRO.

Our Simple Process:

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Serving Thousands of Happy Customers Over the Past 30 Years

We provide full moving services, which includes packing, transportation, loading, unloading, and unpacking. As a full service Calgary moving company, our #1 goal is to make sure our customers are always satisfied. Read some of our 100+ reviews below.


We strive to be the best Calgary movers you can find, but also to provide you with the knowledge you need in order to make your move a success. That’s why our movers are available to assist with packing, loading and unloading, transportation to the new site, and unpacking. We use fully insured trucks and provide wardrobe boxes for both local Calgary or long distance moves. When you choose our Calgary movers, you are getting the best service possible for the money you spend.

Calgary movers offer very reasonable rates which work well for both residential and commercial clients. We can provide any moving services in Calgary that you need, from a seasonal move at the end of a university’s academic year to a major office moving project. We take customer satisfaction very seriously, so make sure to book your next moving project with one of the best moving companies in Calgary!


Relocation can feel like a hassle, especially if you are worried that some of your belongings might get damaged or that a heavy item might cause dents and scratches on your door frames and floors. We combat this worry in two ways. First, we train all of our movers to make sure that they use appropriate safety and protection measures that will avoid damage to both the items being moved and the surrounding property. Even with this training, however, accidents do sometimes happen. That’s why we take an important second measure to ensure the protection of your belonging. In addition to a highly-trained staff, we provide full liability coverage for all items related to your move. That way, if something does get damaged during the move, you can expect proper reimbursement. This allows you to use one of the best moving companies in Calgary without having to worry about liability costs. Peace of mind is one of the most valuable things you can have during a move, and we strive to provide that.

We also take more steps to ensure safety and security than most movers in Calgary. This includes having somebody stay with the truck at all times and signing off on the transition when you unload your belongings and deliver them to the new location. You can also use our storage facilities to keep some belongings if you don’t currently have room for them. This storage space includes temperature controls so the weather won’t damage your possessions.


Regardless of the details of your move, booking with us is a very simple process. To get started, just fill out our contact form or call us. From there, we can figure out the logistics of your move and provide you with an initial quote. As the move date gets closer, we can provide packing materials, advice, and update our timeline accordingly. Throughout the entire process, you will have the experience of professional movers ready to make sure that your project becomes a success.

The moving process can feel very confusing and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be like that. When you reach out to the team at Calgary Movers ABPRO, you begin a relationship with a company that is professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated to making sure that your move goes as flawlessly as possible. Whether you need advice, packing materials, or a professional team that can handle your move from beginning to end, we will make sure to provide that. Contact us today with your questions or a description of the job you need done. With our help, we will make your move much easier from the beginning all the way to the end.

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