If you’re wondering what boxes you should use in order to make sure your material gets transported safely and efficiently, check out our handy guide below for some professional tips.

2.0 Cube Box (18″ x 15″x 12 1/2″)

This box is perfect for books, files, tools, records, small kitchen appliances, and other heavy items like dishes and glassware. When packing these boxes, keep the following tips in mind:

Books, small pictures, and photos should be stacked vertically to make sure you don’t have unnecessary empty space.
You should place magazines on top horizontally to fill the box up to the top. That will keep your box from collapsing and keep the content below the magazines from getting damages.
Always double tape the bottom of the box to keep it from opening.
These boxes tend to be used as bases by movers when loading the truck, so don’t pack fragile items in them.

3.2 Cube Box (18″ × 18″ × 16″)

This is a great catch-all box that can hold toys, pots and pans, small appliances, electronic devices, computer accessories, clothing, and shoes. Whatever you happen to have in your drawers or on your shelves can safely be packed away in this type of box, as long as you follow these tips:

Don’t put heavy items in this kind of box.
If you put bulky items in, try to make sure they’re light. As a general rule, the bigger your items are, the lighter they should be.
Fill the box up to the very top. The fewer empty spaces, the better.

4.0 Cube Box (18″ × 18″ × 21″)

Lightweight and bulky items like linens, blankets, clothing, plastic kitchenware, lampshades, and toys will go well in this kind of box. As with the 3.2 cube box, items from drawers and shelves can fit well, here, but keep these tips in mind:

Don’t pack heavy items in this box.
Lighter, bulkier items work best for this box. The bigger the box, the lighter you should try to make it.
Make sure not to leave empty spaces in the box – fill it to the very top.

5.0 Cube Box (18″ × 18″ × 27″)

The best items to add to this box include those which are large, bulky, and soft. You might be able to take the entire contents of drawers and shelves and add them to this box. Some suggested items include pillows, comforters, coats, towels, and sofa cushions. After unpacking, this box works excellent for holiday decoration storage and other needs. When packing this kind of box, keep these tips in mind:

Don’t use this box for heavy items.
Focus on adding light, bulky items. This becomes an important detail as the box size increases.
Fill the box up to the very top, avoiding any empty spaces.

China Box (18″ × 18″ × 28″)

This box comes is ideal for china, dishes glassware, crystal, and other easily breakable items. The extra heavy duty box is designed to protect china, plates serving dishes, and silverware. This kind of box is perfect when used with unprinted news wrap or bubble wrap. You should avoid using newspaper and follow these packing tips:

Cushion the bottom of the box with paper, bubble wrap, or a blanket.
Put heavy items in first so they are on the bottom of the box.
Wrap each item individually, ideally with unprinted newsprint.
Don’t use regular newspaper, as this can mark or stain your dishes.
Place the dishes in vertically and keep them close to each other.
After each tier, cushion the next tier by placing a layer of paper or bubble wrap down.
Leave approximately 10 centimeters of space between the last tier and the top of the box. Cushion this space with additional paper or bubble wrap.

Picture Boxes (37″ × 4″ × 30″)

These boxes will keep your pictures, mirrors, and wall hangings safe. The cartons measure four inches wide, which allows for two to three items per box. When packing these boxes, remember these tips:

Start by sealing one side of the carton.
Put a layer of unprinted newsprint or bubble wrap on the bottom of the box.
Put sheets of cloth between the pictures, remembering to only add two to three pictures per box.
If you want extra safety, individually wrap each picture in bubble wrap.
The back side of the picture should face the wall of the picture box.
Pack similarly-sized pictures together for extra safety.

Small Mirror Carton Two-Piece Box (37″ × 3 ½″ × 60″)

This kind of box comes in two pieces and is designed to protect mirrors, paintings, glass shelves, and doors. One piece fits right into the other and can be adjusted like a telescope to fit the size you need. To make sure your items are protected, wrap them individually in unprinted newsprint or bubble wrap them before placing them in the box. Follow these tips for additional protection:

Since the mirror carton is telescoping, adjust it to the size you need.
Seal one side of the carton first and place unprinted newsprint or bubble wrap on the bottom
Place bubble wrap or cloth between individual pictures. Usually, two to three pictures can fit in one box.
If you’re concerned about the safety of your materials, wrap all items individually with bubble wrap.
Make sure that the back side of any pictures are facing the wall of the box.
For additional safety, try to pack similarly sized pictures together.
Don’t forget to add paper or bubble wrap on the bottom of the top piece.
After packing, tape the bottom and top pieces together so they won’t come apart during transport.

Large Mirror Carton Two-Piece Box (42″ × 3 ½″ × 66″)

As with the small mirror carton, this is a two-piece telescoping box that can fit mirrors, paintings, glass shelves, and doors. For packing instructions and tips, see the small mirror carton suggestions above.

Wardrobe Box for Hanging Clothes (24″ × 21″ × 48″)

If you want clothing transported without wrinkles, this is the perfect box for you. You can move your clothes from the closet while they’re still on the hanger! This makes your best clothing easy to store and easy to move. These boxes also have uses beyond moving, as they can store seasonal clothing in your new home. You can pack hats at the bottom. The wardrobe box with bar comes in a small size that measures 24”x24”x36” as well.


We offer super strong Hot Melt pressure sensitive polypropylene tape for economical, repetitive, and volume packing.

Unprinted Newsprint (24″ × 36″)

A useful packing material, unprinted newsprint keeps items clean and secure. You don’t have to worry about mess from printed newspaper anymore! This packing material is ideal for packing dishes and fine china.

Bubble Wrap

You can use bubble wrap to protect mirrors, glass, and other fragile items. The heavy duty molded polyethylene bubble cells are filled with air to absorb shocks, reduce vibrations, and overcome abusive handling.

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