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Tips for Moving Furniture in the Calgary Area

While smaller possessions can fit into boxes and crates, it is much more difficult to properly pack away furniture. Whether you are moving a home or office, finding good furniture movers in Calgary will allow you to make a potentially difficult transition easier. By combining a good team of skilled furniture movers with the tips and knowledge provided below, you should be able to get everything moved out without damage to either your furniture or the walls of your new or old home.

Selecting a Furniture Moving Company

Naturally, one of the first things you might ask yourself when planning your move is, “How do I choose which furniture movers near me to use?” Choosing among the many different furniture moving companies in the Calgary area requires a little bit of research and some forethought. First, you should check out the company’s business profile. This includes looking at how long they have been in business, what certifications they have, and what sort of reviews they have among prior customers. Secondly, make sure that any furniture moving services you consider come from a company that is fully licensed and insured in your area. From there, reach out to the company and get a feel for how your relationship with them will go. A little bit of communication early on can go a long way when you need help moving furniture.

Moving Furniture on a Budget

When you have to move furniture a long way but need to save money, then you need to do a little searching to find the cheapest way to move furniture long distance. This does not necessarily mean doing everything by yourself and skipping the use of a moving company. By seeking out advice from a group of professional movers several months in advance of your move, you can get valuable advice and possibly inexpensive packing materials. A good moving company can give you advice on how to move furniture, how to pack properly, and more. Even if you wind up going it alone, you can benefit from this consultation. Professional furniture movers want things done right, even if you don’t use all their services.

Preparatory Phase

Whether you choose to go with a moving company or not when moving large furniture, you need to make sure that you put the proper level of preparation into the project. This requires you to measure carefully ahead of time. You should make sure that you know the dimensions of the furniture you are moving as well as the space you have through door frames and hallways in both the house you are moving out of and the home you are moving into. If the space is tight, make sure to measure twice to ensure accuracy. A poor measurement before going through a tight space can lead to furniture getting stuck in the hallway. You can also prepare by removing any cushions or drawers ahead of time, thus lightening your load.

The High-Low Method

For heavy appliances, large couches, and other potentially difficult pieces, the best way to move heavy furniture is to employ the high-low method. This requires two people working in tandem, but makes the move much easier and safer. Each person should begin on opposite sides of the furniture. Tilt the piece toward one person, who takes the high end of the furniture. The other person should bend at the knees and take the low end. Keep this angle steady while moving. This easy way to move heavy furniture allows you to maneuver around corners and down stairs more effectively. Because the large furniture remains at an angle, you are also more likely to get through doorways and narrow halls without causing any damage to either walls or the furniture.

Using Moving Tools

If you have a long, level area to move your furniture, such as a hallway, large room, or sidewalk, certain tools can help you move heavy furniture easily. This includes shimmy cloths that you can place underneath the feet or base of your furniture so you can slide the piece across a floor without scratching the surface. You can place large cabinets or dressers on a roller dolly so you can use the wheels of the dolly to move the furniture, but be sure that the object will still fit under doorframes with the added height of the wheels. Finally, furniture that has doors, movable parts, or cushions that you need to transport with it should be placed in a furniture wrap for moving. This makes sure that the moving process doesn’t get interrupted by an untimely door swinging open or a cushion dropping off a couch.

Navigating Corners

Couches, beds, and large chairs can often be difficult to get around corners or down stairs. When navigating these areas, remember to use the location of the arms and legs of the furniture to your advantage. First of all, check to see if the arms and legs are removable. If they are, this can save you two to three inches in cases where space is extraordinarily precious. If you can’t remove the arms or legs, try to move the furniture so it “hooks” around a corner. This involves angling the open part of the furniture so the arm or leg comes around the corner first. This gives you extra leeway in moving around corners, which can make the difference between getting the furniture out of the house or getting it stuck in a hallway.

Whether you hire a team of professional movers or not, you should keep the information above in mind. You should also strongly consider at least consulting with professional furniture movers in Calgary. Doing so can help yield additional valuable tips. It also serves as a reliable way of getting moving materials such as dollies, furniture wraps, and packing tape. Most furniture moving companies make these supplies available for sale, and having them on hand can turn a difficult job into something that is much more manageable. In the end, as long as you have preparation and help, you can move even the heaviest of furniture.

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