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How to Make Moving with Pets a Breeze! – Advice from our Calgary Movers

Moving your home has a lot of different steps to consider, but moving with pets is a whole new level of complexity. While the process is fairly easy if you have a caged animal such as a mouse or a bird, moving with a dog or moving with a cat can be more stressful to the pet than it is for you. Here are some tips on how to effectively move your pets in a way that makes them as comfortable as possible.

Prepare Well in Advance

When you first start to plan your move, consult your veterinarian about the process. This allows you to discuss potential trouble spots for your pet in particular. It also gives you a chance to get paperwork for checkups and medications in order so you can transfer your pet’s records to a new vet if needed. In most cases, it’s a good idea to spend more time socializing your pet before the move. This means bringing them out more often, letting them meet new people, and getting them used to the world outside their usual spots. This can be an especially important step when moving with cats. If you can have your movers over to meet your cat in advance, it can ease a lot of tensions.

Isolate Your Pets During the Move

When preparing for moving day, empty out one room in advance and place a few of your pet’s favorite toys or treats there. Let the pet stay in that area during the move. This keeps them away from the action and helps ease nerves. When you take a break during the moving process, take the time to stop in and spend some time with your pet, providing some soothing words or a nice brushing. Moving day is full of strange noises, smells, and people. The more you can isolate your pet to prevent these things from stressing them out, the easier the eventual transport to the new home will be.

Move the House, Then Move the Pet

During the unpacking process, make sure to designate one room or space where your pet can relax comfortably. Get the essentials in place while your pet is in that spot. This includes moving in furniture, fixtures, and the like. The goal behind all of this is to make sure that you have as many familiar items installed and ready as possible before your pet starts exploring the house. This is especially important when moving a house with a cat, as feline friends tend to get more unsettled by change and are less interested in exploring their surroundings than their canine counterparts.

If you keep your pet’s feelings and wellbeing in mind from the beginning of the move, you can make sure that the process is easy and comfortable for them. By following the advice above and making sure you give them a little extra love before and after the move, you will be able to calm their nerves and keep them happy as they settle into their new home.

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