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7 Ways to Make Your New Apartment Feel Like Home

Moving into your first apartment is a heady experience that only comes around once in your life. At first, the space may seem more like a place where you happen to live and not a real home. You can change that by using these strategies for settling in and making the space truly your own. Put these to good use and that apartment will be more than the place where you sleep.

Clean the Place From Top to Bottom

The apartment looks clean and it probably was cleaned by a professional before you moved in. Even so, there’s something about wiping down the counters, vacuuming the carpeting, and running a dust mop over the hardwood floors that helps you bond with the space. After scrubbing the toilet and cleaning the shower tile, it’s a lot easier to think of the apartment as being yours and not space that belongs to someone else.

Buy One or Two New Pieces of Furniture

While you already own most of the things you need, purchasing a new piece of furniture or two for the apartment is a great idea. Since they are being purchased especially for that space, they represent the fact that you are claiming the apartment as your own.

Choose Your First Home Cooked Meal Carefully

Cooking your first meal in the new apartment is almost a rite of passage. Choose something that you enjoy but that will also fill the space with the scent of food you happen to love. Even if you are preparing something simple like soup in a crock pot, go all out. Toss a salad, bake some bread, and set your new dining table. Add candles to the table if you like. Your first meal should be an event that further helps you bond with the apartment and feel truly at home.

Create a Display Area for Your Treasures

Having a display of items you happen to love means you are there to stay. Your collection could be a few shelves of old vinyl albums, mugs you collected from every city you’ve ever visited, or a hundred or so books you treasure. Arrange them in a wall unit and add some other items that help to call attention to your collection. The sense of permanency that this one touch brings to the space makes the apartment more of a home.

Add an Accent Wall

The landlord may frown on the use of paint, but creating an accent wall can be a simple as dipping sheeting into a starch mixture and smoothing the material on a wall. The best part is that it will not damage the wall and comes down easily when you do decide to move. In the meantime, you’ve added your own unique touch to the space. That certainly helps it be more of a home.

Settle on a Signature Scent

What kind of scent makes you feel at home? Perhaps you love cinnamon or like jasmine. Whether you use diffusers or fresh-cut flowers, settle on a scent that is readily identified with being at home. Every time you walk through the door, the scent will remind you that the space is yours.

Make a Piece of Artwork

Something you make yourself and hang on the wall is another way to make the space uniquely yours. Buy three canvases to hang side by side and have fun. Use finger paints, pen and ink, charcoal, or whatever you like. Go with something that helps to tie the furniture and other elements together in terms of color but don’t be overly concerned about the artwork style. As long as it pleases your eye, it will help the apartment feel more like a home.

Once you’ve completed the moving process with professional Calgary movers and everything is in the place, settle in and do whatever it takes to feel at home. You could begin to feel as if the space has been yours for a long time in as little as a few days.

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