Should You Move to Calgary?

Calgary is one of Alberta's largest cities, bustling with activity and boasting a rich economy and a prominent social life among residents and visitors alike. From plenty of attractions amidst the great outdoors to a charm and spirit reflective of the best of Western Canada, Calgary has long been one of the country's most desirable cities for individuals and families looking to relocate.

With a population of over 1.6 million and a dedication to energy efficiency as a part of Canada's industrial landscape, this city offers a multitude of attractive qualities for prospective residents.

Calgary is also renowned for its vibrant culture and art scene: from hosting yearly festivals and events, such as the Calgary Stampede and the Calgary Folk Music Festival, to a downtown area filled with unique attractions, such as the Calgary Tower, Calgary Zoo, and Glenbow Museum, there is much to experience in this city.

The Pros of Moving to Calgary

Calgary offers many perks to those considering making it their new home. Ranked the world’s 5th most livable city for multiple years in a row by the Economist, the city is one of the most desirable places to live in across the whole of Canada, and for good reason.

One of Calgary’s most attractive qualities is its affordability. With an easily-accessible public transit system and a relatively low cost for the average fare, Calgary’s buses, trains, and environmentally friendly light railway help make the city easy to navigate without adding any financial burden to its busy residents. The city also lacks a provincial sales tax, meaning the only applicable tax on purchases is 5% as part of the federal Goods and Services Tax.

Calgary is also recognized as a clean and comfortable city to live in year-round, with low air pollution, an extensive skywalk system primed for pedestrian access, and an emphasis on recycling.

Calgary Relocation Guide

When moving your family to Calgary, it’s important to have a basic understanding of the city’s layout in order to have a solid foundation over the course of your first few weeks in the city. Luckily, this layout is easy to navigate: Calgary is divided into four primary quadrants, with each representing a specific neighbourhood running east-west and north-south.

The majority of Calgary’s urban activity is centred around its southeast quadrant, with homes, apartments, and condos situated amongst the city’s businesses and industrial zones. Meanwhile, if you’re looking to rent an apartment best suited for a single lifestyle, Calgary’s downtown core is the heart of the city.

Moving to a new city can be a big decision, and it’s essential to find a moving company you can trust to support you throughout your journey. At Alberta Pro Movers, we’re here for you no matter what, ensuring your belongings will be kept safe throughout your move and that your property will be treated with the highest degree of care.

Moving to Calgary from Abroad

Calgary is home to a diverse population of over 400,000 immigrants, making up nearly 30% of the city's population as a whole. The city offers a variety of provincial immigration options as part of Alberta's Immigrant Nominee program dedicated to helping ease the transition for workers, recent graduates, and entrepreneurs alike. Permanent residency and work permits are also easily accessible, with diverse opportunities for building a career in construction, engineering, tech, energy, or agriculture.

For those seeking an opportunity to further their education once they’ve established their roots, Calgary is also home to a number of well-respected post-secondary institutions such as the University of Calgary, Mount Royal University, and Bow Valley College. The city also features an active and easily accessible- public transit system, making it easy for newly-situated residents to get around the city with ease.

Final Thoughts

From diverse cultural experiences to promising cultural opportunities, Calgary offers limitless benefits to visitors looking to make it their new home. With stunning natural beauty, attractive shops and restaurants, and vibrant nightlife, the city is home to over a million Canadians, with a growing population each year and a strong and healthy economy to support them when they arrive.

Calgary's city parks and trails offer summertime attractions to both residents and visitors, complemented during the colder months with a variety of outdoor activities such as skiing, snowboarding, and hiking opportunities. With its thriving economy, diverse cultural offerings, and welcoming population, Calgary is an ideal destination for anybody looking to start a new life.

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