Moving Guide: 6 Tips to Organize your Relocation

Moving to a building next door, moving to Calgary, or leaving the country is always an exciting step to make, but to keep everything smooth you should stay organized as much as possible. And organization includes not only creating a schedule and sticking to it, but many other things. Read our six tips to get a totally positive moving experience!

1. Divide and Conquer

This is a very well known rule for moving – you need to go through all your belongings and divide them into things you want and need to take with you and things that are no longer useful. Try to separate all the items into piles ‘take’, ‘donate/sell’, ‘throw away’. In this way you will already see the size of packing work to do in the following steps.

2. Hold a Moving Sale

With the pile ‘donate/sell’ you can earn money to cover some of your expenses. You can make a garage sale for a couple of weeks to make sure that everything you want to sell will be bought. Remember that for a sale you need to mark all the items with price tags. Calgary moving experts also advise to separate things into categories for an easier selling process.

3. Get a Moving Kit

If you are moving for the first time on such a scale, then you might not realize what packing supplies you need. To keep everything easy and ordered, it is highly recommended to consult your local Calgary moving company. With the professional help you will be able to order everything fast and efficiently. Keep in mind that according to Calgary relocation professionals one of the most important things to get for packing is markers of different colors and tags. When packing begins, you will tag each box and write about the items inside to facilitate unpacking.

4. Make a Packing Party

Packing everything on your own can be a torture, but if you call in your friends for a packing party, everything will go faster and in a more relaxing way. Moreover, Calgary movers advise to promise them lemonade or wine afterwards in order to recruit more people and have a great time.

5. Label Boxes Thoroughly

As it has already been described in the point #3, you need to mark all the boxes to keep the track of what has already been packed. Moreover, remember to label everything not only on the top of the box, but also on the sides so that when everything is moved to the truck, you can understand what is where.

6. Scope out Storage

In case you are moving to a smaller apartment or house and not sure what will fit in, a Calgary mover will always advise to find a self storage unit close to your new location so that you will be able to move at a time. But keep in mind that you should hold in store only things that you do not need so when unpacking, make sure to read your labels to simplify your life!