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These Time Saving Tips will Make Your Office Move a Breeze

If you are moving to, from, or within the Cochrane area, having a good plan in place before the move begins can prove to be extremely helpful. This includes hiring the right mover company in Cochrane, making sure that you have the logistics in place early, and delegating tasks throughout your office to make sure that everybody has something useful to do. If you aren’t sure where you should start, consider the tips below to get you going.

Write a Detailed Timeline

Just like any major project, your office relocation in Cochrane needs to have a timeline that shows you and your employees the expected progress of the move. This should include a packing schedule, important dates to note, and essential tasks that need to be completed along the way. Do your best to share the information on this timeline with the moving company, as doing so will guarantee you a chance to get feedback from somebody with experience. As your timeline progresses, you should revisit it regularly to make sure that you are on schedule and working within the budget that you expected.

Create a Buffer

You should assume that the week prior to your move will be busy with the packing and preparation process. Additionally, your office won’t run at peak efficiency immediately following the move. When making schedules for meetings and events, keep these things in mind. Ideally, you should create a buffer of one week either way that allows you to focus on the move first and put everything else on the backburner. This may not always be possible, but budgeting time for the move will help you avoid promising deliverables when you might not have the resources.

Speak with the Old Tenants

If you are moving into a space that another office has moved out of, take some time to reach out to the previous tenants and speak with them if they are willing. These individuals can explain why they chose to leave the building, what sort of quirks and unusual circumstances you might need to know about, and more. Schedule a meeting and, if possible, do a walkthrough of the building with them so you know the lay of the land well.

Work with Your Moving Company

You should hire a moving company that can provide you aid beyond just the day of the move itself. An ideal group of movers can provide suggestions and packing materials along the way. If you have questions about permits needed, your timeline, or other logistical details, you should be able to address these with your moving company. If you feel that you cannot, you might want to consider going for a different group.

A lot of the moving process boils down the two things. First, you must be very prepared and organized. The better you can plan the logistics ahead of time, the easier your move will be. Second, you need a good relationship with movers you can trust. If you do that, you will find any problem to be easy to work around.

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