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5 Tips That Will Help Keep Your Valuables Safe During Your Move

Everyone has some valuables that are fragile or would be hard to replace if they were damaged. When you are planning a move, it pays to think about how to transport those valuables so they remain safe. Between your efforts and those of a professional moving team, it is possible to ensure everything gets to the new place without any type of damage or loss occurring. Use these tips and everything will go according to plan.

Create a Complete Inventory

You may think that there is already a good idea of what fragile items or valuables need special attention. The fact is that you have likely overlooked one or two things and won’t think of them until moving day is almost upon you.

Now is the time to create an inventory and go over it carefully. Accounting for every valuable now makes it easier to settle on the perfect way to prepare them for the move without feeling rushed. That inventory can also be used to ensure the moving company is providing enough insurance to protect your property in the event of an accident, theft, or damage.

The Right Type of Padding Helps

Even with heavy-duty moving boxes and containers, you need the right padding to keep valuables from shifting during transit. Think of what type of padding would protect your large screen television properly or ensure that the mirror for your bedroom dresser is safe from harm. A professional can provide some tips on what sort of padding to use as well as come up with suggestions for the right type of box or other container.

Locked Containers are a Good Idea

If you are somewhat concerned about security, opting for containers that lock are worth the cost. Some can be operated using keys while others will require the use of a special remote device that you keep in your pocket during the move. This is great when you have artwork and similar items that need to be kept under lock and key as well as protected with the proper kind of padding.

Hire Professionals for the Larger Valuables

While many movers are trained to take proper care of furnishings and other large items, there are times when you need a specialty mover. Your piano is a good example. Someone who moves pianos will now how to prepare it for transport, what to check once it is delivered, and even ensure that it’s tuned properly before the job is considered complete.

Small Things Stay With You

Remember that you always have the option of packing small things in boxes that will fit in the trunk and the back seat of your vehicle. Wrap them carefully and arrange the boxes so there is little chance of shifting as you drive to the new place. You can take them into the new home yourself and ensure they are tucked away in a safe place until you have time to unpack the boxes. Make the process easier on yourself and hire professionals to perform your moving in Calgary. Ask for suggestions on how to ensure certain things are properly protected during the move. You can also make use of pre-packing services to ensure everything is ready before the moving crew arrives. With the right type of preparation, everything you own will make it to the new place in perfect condition.

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