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Important Steps to Take During an Office Move

Successfully coordinating a commercial move can be a big job, even for small offices. The additional logistics required with multiple employees means that you need to be extra organized in order to minimize any interruption in workflow. Whether you are looking for commercial movers in Calgary or elsewhere, you should bear the following tips in mind. By taking these steps, you will make sure that your office move is as easy as it can possibly be.

Build a Relationship with a Moving Company

Before you begin your move, you should identify a commercial moving company that has experience and a strong reputation. For those in Alberta, this probably means finding reliable office movers in Calgary. The ideal moving company knows the area well, can provide packing materials as needed, and are available to answer any questions that you may have. You should do more than just hire these individuals – you need to build a relationship with them. Seek out your moving company at least six months in advance of the move. Meeting with them regularly to go over logistics and your plan for the day of the move. This opens up valuable lines of communication that can guide you in the process.

Delegate Appropriately

While a commercial move is more difficult than a residential one due to the many extra moving parts, you do have the advantage of more people who can help out. Make sure to assign one person to take charge of the move. That person should serve as the main point of contact for the moving company and for all other logistical items. That individual should also be extremely good at delegating a workload appropriately. If everybody has a job and does it to the best of their abilities, the move goes from being a major headache to being a minor inconvenience. Ideally, the move should be managed like any other project – everybody has a job, and they all report to a manager who keeps track of the details.

Know Your Permits and Licenses

When you move from one area to another, even within the same city, you will find yourself dealing with a number of different regulations and requirements. Early on in your move, you should inspect the new office area and speak with somebody who knows the licensure and permit requirements in the area. This allows you to make sure that you have all your paperwork done early on. If there are any requirements which catch you by surprise, you will have plenty of time to work them out before the move begins. This is one area where a good moving company can come in handy – an experienced group of movers will help you navigate this difficult area so you can focus on packing and preparing.

Commercial moving requires excellent organization and the ability to think on your feet well. The entire process, however, can be made easier through a simple matter of preparation and making sure that you hire the proper movers for your office needs.

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