How to Organize a Long-Distance Moving

Long-distance move is undoubtedly a very existing and scary undertaking. Usually, one would feel great about starting a new life, organizing a new place while at the same time fearing the idea of packing and collecting all belongings. But we would like to help you overcome all of your fears by giving professional moving tips for long-distance relocations. Below you can find a couple of tips that will help you stay organized in the process of long distance move preparation.

Make a Plan

You know that the earlier you begin planning, the better prepared you will be on the moving day. So first and foremost thing for you to do is create a plan of upcoming actions as well as schedule for these actions. Below we offer you a tentative plan-schedule for your long-distance relocation.

  • Make a research. Look for the possible long-distance moving companies in the area and read essential information about them .The info you should look for includes license, insurance, experience, references and recommendations.
    When: 4 – 8 weeks before the move
  • Make notifications. Before you relocate, ensure that all you service providers are aware about the address change of yours. So do not forget to give a call to your bank, insurance company, post office, and any others.
    When: 6 – 7 weeks before the move
  • School. Contact your child school and ensure that they prepare transferring documents
    When: 6 – 7 weeks before the move
  • Declutter. Try to go through all your belongings and divide them into three piles: leave/take with you, throw away, donate. In this way you can get rid of any additional useless stuff before the move and consequently save a lot of money on gas and packing supplies. Furthermore, you can even earn some money if selling all useless stuff on a garage sale!
    When: 4 – 5 weeks before the move
  • Inform people. At this point you need to remind not only your friends, but also your lawyers, doctors and dentists about the relocation.
    When: 4 weeks before the move
  • Disconnect. Call your utilities company and notify them about your relocation to ensure that they disconnect your home once you move out.
    When: 4 weeks before the move
  • Garage sale. This is the time to get rid of all those things you have been trying to get rid of. Sell them or donate to the local community center.
    When: 2 weeks before the move
  • Pack. And get down to the packing business.
    When: 2 – 3 weeks before the move

Additional tips:


It is much easier to proceed with your long-distance move if you know what must go first. For instance, hiring a moving company would be a priority, while a visit to your kid’s school can be postponed for a couple of days. Again, we remind you to make a to-do list and then prioritize to facilitate organizational process.

Divide responsibilities

And the last tip is to remember that you have a family which can do something for the relocation. At least each member can collect and pack their personal things on their own.

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