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5 Tips to Stay Organized During Your Move

Whether you are moving into or out of Okotoks, certain principles hold true and can help you make sure you have the best move possible. From seeking out Okotoks movers to the day of the transport, keep these tips in mind to help keep things moving swiftly, efficiency, and stress-free.

1: Get to Know Your Movers

Don’t wait until the last minute to contact Okotoks movers. You should reach out to your moving company of choice early and talk with them often. Professional movers can provide you with guidance, packing advice, and materials to store your belongings. Getting to know them early also allows you to discuss any special needs you have and makes sure that they are fully prepared to move your belongings out of your old home and into your new one.

2: Get Rid of Unwanted Belongings

The longer you stay in one place, the more clutter you accumulate. Make the packing process an opportunity to get rid of unwanted belongings. Old clothing can be donated, furniture can be sold or given away, and items that you don’t need anymore can be thrown out. Ideally, you should put yourself in a situation where everything you take with you serves some role in your new home.

3: Gather Boxes and Bubble Wrap Early

Pack things up as early as possible. If you are moving in Okotoks during the spring, that means you can take any winter gear you have and put it in boxes now. From the day you decide to move, you should gather up boxes and bubble wrap early and often. If you don’t have these supplies, contact your moving company. A group of professional movers is usually happy to provide boxes and bubble wrap, as it makes their lives and yours much easier.

4: Color Coordinate Boxes

Pack your belongings by room and place them in different colored boxes depending on where they need to go. If you don’t have colored cardboard boxes, use brightly colored labels that allow you to tell at a glance where the box is destined for. This serves as an easy guideline when grouping your belongings and also helps reduce time spent reading labels and trying to figure out how to organize your things on the moving truck.

5: Use Your Luggage

If you have luggage bags or suitcases, don’t send them out the door empty. You can save space by packing them with clothing prior to your move. You can use laundry baskets and hampers in the same manner. This can be especially useful if you run into a situation where you can’t unpack everything on the same day. If you have clothing stored in a luggage bag, at least you have something to wear.

Keeping yourself organized while moving in Okotoks is often as simple as making a list and checking it twice. If you use the space available to you, label your boxes properly, and make sure to communicate frequently with your Okotoks movers, you should be in great position.

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