Packing Fragile Items: Calgary Movers Give Some Clues

Packing is an indispensable part of any move. When packing things you need to make sure that all your belongings will be moved safely and undamaged. When packing clothes or linen this should not be a problem, but when it comes to kitchenware or any other fragile things the issue arises. It means that you need to learn some tricks to make sure your fragile pieces will be delivered safe and intact. Below you can find some clues from professional Calgary movers in this respect.

1. Prepare in advance

Remember that the process of packing fragile items may take as much time as everything else in your home, so make sure that you start packing in advance.

2. Have tools

Tools are crucial for fragile things, say representatives of Calgary moving companies, because without them safe delivery will be impossible. The basic things you need include good quality boxes of different sizes; special packing paper and bubble wrap, scissors, and regular packing tape. When packing make sure to do it on a large table so that you will wrap them in the right way.

3. General clues

Here Calgary moving company offers you several general clues about packing the most common fragile items in your home:

  • Plates must be packed only vertically and in small to medium boxes. Put special crumpled packing paper on both the bottom and top of the box. Each plate should be wrapped separately in bubble wrap and then secured with tape.
  • Glasses should also be wrapped individually with bubble wrap and the empty space inside of each glass should be filled with crumpled paper in order to diminish it. For glasses you will also need small and medium boxes with ample packing paper. When putting glasses into the boxes, separate them from each other with layers of paper as well. Calgary mover companies also advise to put the heaviest glasses, such as beer mugs, at the bottom so that they will not simply crush your fragile wine glasses.
  • Lamps and lamp shades should always be boxed separately with lots of paper (do not save it here). According to Calgary relocation professionals it is better to put the bases separately in a large box and bubble wrapped if necessary.
  • Pictures/Frames first of all should be placed in paper lined boxes, and between the pieces crumpled paper should be layered. The frames themselves, according to Calgary moving experts, should also be wrapped in packing paper. In case you have over-sized pictures make sure to secure them with a moving blanket, special plastic wrap, and move them only separately.