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Moving & Storage During a Home Renovation

Just because you aren’t moving doesn’t mean that you don’t need to be aware of movers in your area. A home renovation project requires you to downsize a lot of your property to make space for repairs and renovations. Most people opt to store excess items in a storage facility during that process. Here is a quick look at the moving and storage options you should consider when you start planning your next home renovation project.

Maintain a Livable Home

Most people feel the urge to try to save money during their home renovation by simply moving all the furniture and items from one room to elsewhere in the house. This is a fine idea if you have the space, and it is especially good if you have an attic or basement that can hold the property for you. However, you shouldn’t feel the need to make your home feel cramped and uncomfortable for the duration of your renovation. Remember that a renovation might take weeks or, depending on the size of the project, sometimes even months. That’s a long time to put up with suboptimal living conditions. Renting a storage space can help you to enjoy good mental health while improving your home.

Consult with a Moving Company

If your renovation will displace a lot of furniture or other large items that might be difficult for you to transport on your own, you should talk to a moving company in your area. These movers can meet with you, examine your property, and come up with the best solution possible in order to move your items to the storage space. They can even provide packing materials and help you load up the storage unit. By relying on professional movers, you save yourself a lot of stress and don’t need to rent out trucks, equipment, and other moving items. All you need to do is relay your desires to the moving team and make sure that you have selected the appropriate storage unit for your needs.

Plan Carefully for Storage Space Size

Before you decide what size storage unit you need, take a moment to consider a few important things. Obviously, you need to make sure that the storage unit holds all of your items, so measure carefully ahead of time and make sure that you know what items can be safely stacked on top of others. You also need to think about whether you plan to access your stored items regularly. If you do, make sure to get a storage space that is slightly larger than you think you need so you have enough room to go in and sort through things without having to empty out the unit each time. Finally, bear in mind local laws when storing items. Food and other perishables, for example, cannot be kept in a storage unit.

While you can get by without needing storage for small home renovations, major projects will leave you feeling cramped and uncomfortable in your own home if you don’t downsize somewhat. A simple storage unit and some communication with a reliable moving company can be a lifesaver in this regard.

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