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International Student Guide to Calgary Area and Alberta

Calgary and its surrounding areas are home to some of the best schools in Canada. The region also provides excellent living conditions with plenty of activities and interests for students from across the world to engage in. The information below provides some highlights about the region while also letting international students know some of the essentials that they need to be aware of when moving to Alberta as a whole and the Calgary area specifically.

School Options in Calgary

Whether you are already enrolled or are looking for a school in the Calgary area, it is worth knowing what places of higher learning call the region their home. Alberta is home to several top-ranked universities. Specific schools in Calgary that have especially good reputations include the University of Alberta, Columbia College, and Mount Royal University. Each of these schools offers a wide range of different subjects that can fit virtually any need. The University of Alberta also has international recognition for some of its scientific programs. While you are only likely to enroll in one of these colleges, having so many close by does open up extra options when it comes to study resources and, later, internships.

Entertaining Historical Learning Opportunities

For those who wish to learn about Calgary’s history or do research about Alberta’s past, opportunities abound to have fun while learning something new. For example, the Heritage Park Historical Village offers 127 acres of carefully preserved Canadian landmarks or recreations of historical architecture. Calgary has a number of military museums that provide physical exhibits to go along with studies about the many weapons of war. Gasoline Alley, a part of the Heritage Park area, offers a look at the development of automobiles and other vehicles. Whether studying for a class or as just as a way to enrich your life, it helps that Calgary has a way to have fun while learning.

Lectures and Events

Many of the universities in Calgary offer lecture series, student festivals, and other events that have a broad appeal to many different students. Some of the highlights from the University of Calgary include the Last Lecture Series, where faculty get a chance to speak on any inspired topic that they are passionate and knowledgeable about. There is also the University of Calgary’s Strong Festival, which is a celebration of resilience and well-being that is held on the last day of classes. Although these events are developed with students from the University of Calgary in mind, there are opportunities for others in the area to participate as well, giving everybody a chance to be part of the academic community.

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