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There is no surprise that people get afraid of the moving process as most of them simply do not know where to start from. This is why experts from Calgary Movers, as official representatives of Alberta Pro Movers in Calgary, decided to give you several tips on this issue.

Every moving starts from planning and then packing. Packing process should go step by step without any jumps and accidents. Make sure that you have a list of items packed and label all boxes about their contents. Below we offer you several tricks how to keep your fragile items safe without paying to much attention to this process.

— Take a cushion or a towel and put it at the bottom of your box in order to secure the stabile position of the items in a box.
— Put heavier pieces of your valuable closer to the box bottom.
— Make sure to wrap every single item separately in the special bubble wrap, soft clothes, or at least newspapers.
— If moving plates, put them vertically close to each other and put layers of some soft material between them to secure.
— Glasses, and especially wine glasses, should also be put vertically and wrapped separately into special bubble wrap.
— Leave around 10 centimeters of free space at the top of the box and again put there a securing layer of cushion, wrapping paper, towel, or just a blanket to ensure fixed position of the items inside of the box.

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  • We will respect your property - all our staff take great care not to damage walls, door frames or floors.
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