Free Wardrobe Boxes for Local Moves

Calgary Movers Provides FREE Use of Wardrobe Boxes for Local Moves

Calgary Movers is a team of professional movers who have been called the most trusted moving company in the whole province. We offer all kind of moving services, including long-distance moving, local moving, residential moving, commercial moving, and valuables moving to ensure that we can satisfy any possible moving need of yours.

Moving with Calgary Movers is a perfect way to facilitate your relocation. When you hire our team of movers you can be 100% sure that there are people you can count on in terms of relocating your home or office, who will guide every detail of the process from the old door to the new one.

Our company can help you perform the whole relocation easier owing to the customized approach to every customer. We offer a detailed moving plan to every customer; we can handle as much or little as you precisely need. We deal with full-service moves that require packing and unpacking, moving, tracking, and all attendant services, as well as do-it-yourself moving and storage needs. We’ve been in business for more than a decade, through which we have helped thousands of families with their moves. We have a huge network of agents who cooperate throughout the entire country – which is a very important factor if you are planning a long distance move.

Below we prepared a list of services that you can expect from our team.

Packing & Unpacking

Whether you need us to only move the boxes to the moving trucks or pack everything from the scratch, we are ready to help you with everything. Our managers will walk you through all the important details and handle as much packing as you need.

In case of a DIY packing project, we are happy to provide you free wardrobe boxes help you with moving supplier required for the proper packing.

And, finally, we are always happy to set your new home and make it cozy and comfortable to be at. Include unpacking service into your package and move in to a fully furnished home!

Moving Protection

We know that losing things during the move is frustrating, this is why we guarantee safety and integrity of all your belongings during and after your move. To ensure that you are protected from any kinds of accidents in the process of relocation, we offer you special insurance plans so that you get a peace of mind about your belongings.

Auto Transport

We provide one of the biggest and diverse trucks fleet in the whole province. Our moving transport can accommodate all sizes of moving projects and ensure safety and integrity of your things.

Special Offers

Follow us on social media websites and keep track of our webpage to find best offers for our customers online. You can opt for discounts on our products and full spectrum of services to get the best moving experience at the most affordable price with Calgary Movers.

Service Packages

Keep in mind that package offers cost less in the long run and provide wider range of services for your moving project.

Your belongings will arrive in the same condition as they left.
We stand by our estimate.
We will respect your property - all our staff take great care not to damage walls, door frames or floors.
We'll be there on time.


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