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First Day in the New Home after the Move – What to do?

You’ve finally made it through the moving process and now have the luxury of relaxing in your new home. But what do you do now? While it’s not the right time to jump into home improvement projects (unless you bought the home with the intention of “flipping” it), there are plenty of things you can do to get yourself settled in properly. Here are some things you should consider doing on your very first day after moving into a new home.

Think About Security

Most people ignore security when they settle into their new home. For starters, you should realize that it is very likely somebody else has a key to your new home. Even if the original owners left their keys with you, there’s no telling how many copies might be out there or how many other previous owners might not have turned in their keys. For this reason, it’s a good idea to change your locks, especially on your exterior doors. You can buy brand new locks from your local hardware store, and replacing the locks on a typical outside door only takes about 15 to 20 minutes of work. Doing this guarantees that your home is more secure than ever before.

Change the Filters

Air filters also get overlooked when moving into a new home. There’s a good chance that neither you nor the previous owners considered the cleanliness of air filters in the building before the move occurred. This is a good time to clean out the filters in any vents that you see throughout the house. You should make sure to get the air filter on the attic vent, the vent filter above the stove, and the air filter on your heating or air conditioning units. The cleaning process takes a matter of minutes and often involves little more than soap, water, and maybe a little vinegar. Doing it now will make sure that your appliances and vents run at the best possible efficiency, and that your home has less dust in the air.

Update Home Technology

If you considered any home tech upgrades, such as new wiring or a home security system, during your walkthrough months ago, now is the time to turn those plans into reality. With your items not yet fully unpacked, you have more room to work and the best possible opportunity to upgrade the technology of your home. Make sure that you are well-prepared for these upgrades and that you have the proper safety gear. If you plan to have professionals rework part of your home tech setup, now is a good time to bring them in.

Contact Your Utility Providers

You should have reached out to your old and new utility providers to notify them of them move before now. If you haven’t, you should make sure to do so – otherwise, you will likely find yourself paying double next month. If you did reach out to those providers, the first day in your new home is a good time to get in touch with them again. You can notify them that the move did indeed go as planned (or, if there was a problem, you can talk to them about that). If any service is not working as expected, now is the time to get a worker on-site to fix the problem.

Clean the House

In theory, your house will never be cleaner than on the first day you move in. In reality, there are a lot of scratches, marks, and dust buildups that probably cropped up during the moving process. Take a moment to clean your house completely. Before you have everything settled, you can see every flaw that you might otherwise ignore. Going through this step helps to make sure that you have your new home exactly the way you want it to be without making any housekeeping compromises.

The good news about each of these steps is that they don’t take very much time. You can go through this checklist on the first day after you move and still have plenty of time left over to relax and unwind after the move. These tasks just make sure that your new home will be even better.

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