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10 Easy Steps to Move a Refrigerator

Moving a refrigerator can be a challenging task. If you break the process down into simple steps, though, it becomes much easier. Here are 10 easy steps to moving your refrigerator from one place to another.

1: Measure Carefully

Measuring is absolutely crucial when moving any large appliance or piece of furniture. Make sure that you know the exact dimensions of the refrigerator as well as the doorways and hallways you will move it through. Take special note of any stairs or narrow passageways that might cause problems during the moving process.

2: Secure Supplies and Help

In order to ensure proper safety, moving a refrigerator requires at least two people. Make sure you have a second person to help you out at the time of the move. You should also secure supplies such as a moving dolly, moving straps, and a blanket or towel. A professional moving company can usually provide these items.

3: Empty the Refrigerator

You should make sure to clear out the contents of the refrigerator before moving. This not only makes the move easier, but also reduces the chance of unexpected internal damage. Be sure to take out any removable shelves and drawers as well.

4: Defrost the Unit

Over time, refrigerators build up ice and frost due to the cooling mechanisms inside them. Unplug your unit the day before the move and put towels around it. This will allow the ice to melt off, cutting down on the risk of unexpected moisture on the day of the move.

5: Make Sure Everything is Disconnected

For most refrigerators, you just need to unplug the power cord. If you have a water or ice dispenser, you might also need to undo some wiring or disconnect plumbing. Consult your owner’s manual to make sure you have everything unplugged properly.

6: Secure the Cord and the Door

Wrap the power cord up tightly and secure it with tape to make sure it doesn’t create a tripping hazard. You should also secure the door with tape to make sure it doesn’t come open.

7: Put the Refrigerator on the Dolly

Slide the refrigerator away from the wall, using the unit’s wheels if possible. If you don’t have wheels to use, place a moving blanket down to avoid damaging the floor. One person should tilt the unit slightly while the other slides the dolly underneath it.

8: Secure the Unit

One you have the refrigerator on the dolly, secure it using moving straps. This ensures that your move won’t get derailed by an unexpected bump.

9: Get in Position

One person should push the dolly, while the other person should guide the refrigerator from the front. It’s useful to have a third person if possible to help work through trouble spots that come up.

10: Move Slowly and Carefully

Take your time moving the refrigerator – doing so will help the process go more smoothly. Be especially careful on stairs, and have the person guiding move unexpected obstacles out of the way as you go.

Using these steps, you will get your refrigerator out the door and to its new destination in no time.

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