Office Moving: 6 Must-Do Steps

Moving your corporate office is undoubtedly exciting but at the same time it may turn out to be awful because of all the steps you need to make to keep everything in order. Whether your company is relocating to bigger or smaller facilities, or you are moving in or out of the city, you have a lot of things to care about anyway. Read these simple recommendations from Calgary office movers and apply them to your smooth office relocation.

1. Plan it out

First and foremost, you should plan your move as early as possible. Calgary moving experts advise to plan the move 4-6 months in advance. Create a schedule of your move and make sure that you let your employees know about the changes. Try to make a floor plan on your own and make sure that everyone knows about it too.

2. Hire a moving company

After you have decided to move, make sure you hire a professional Calgary mover that will help you at each step of your relocation. According to reviews, 1-3 months are enough to book a suitable date and the right moving company. Make sure that you hire office movers who are familiar with transporting many computers and other office equipment.

3. Deal with the IT

Remember that you’re moving not only for yourself and your workers, your clients and colleagues or associates should also be informed about your move, your systems should be transferred to new servers, etc. That is why according to Calgary office relocation companies it is advised to hire a team of IT experts, if you do not have them, to simplify the moving process.

4. Do a cleaning

Try to separate what you need and what can be thrown away, because most Calgary moving companies will charge you basing on the weight of your items. So the more stuff you get rid of, the less you will pay. Go through the office furniture, all the documents, and of course have a look at the office equipment that you will not be using anymore. The old stuff that you do not need can be donated or sold to cover your moving costs at least partially.

5. New equipmenty

If you plan to buy any new pieces of equipment for your new office, keep in mind to order them at least 1-2 months in advance. In such a way you can be sure that shortly after the move your company will be able to operate instead of losing time because of lack of equipment. Keep in mind that you need to coordinate the shipping date according to your moving date so that you do not pay twice for the same delivery.

6. Well-organized employees

The last thing that all Calgary movers mark out is the importance of well-organized employees. You need to create a clear plan for your workers so that they will also follow the schedule and at least pack their own working spaces. Only in case of an orderly and efficient process you will save the time!


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