We all know that moving can be stressful, but owing to the current development of the society it all can be done much easier. Whether you are planning to hire a professional moving company in Calgary or decided to perform everything in a DIY project, our team of experts from Calgary Movers prepared several useful tips that will help you move stress-free.

Make a list of everything you plan to take, of everything you leave behind, and of items you decided to donate. Keep track of this list and you will not get lost.

Get supplies for packing. There is nothing more frustrating that being out of tape of wrapping paper in the middle of your packing. Make sure that you have enough boxes for all items on your list.

Mark every box. Even if you have a list of things for packing it does not mean that you an remember what is packed in which box. This is why, on every box write down what you have packed in it and do not forget to label each of them with a color of every room; in this way the unpacking process will go much faster and easier.

Be one step ahead. Try not to postpone your moving duties to the very last day because you risk forgetting or losing something. So stick to the schedule and ensure that you perform everything step-by-step. Do not rush, but also never fall behind because it will ruin everything.

  • Your belongings will arrive in the same condition as they left.
  • We stand by our estimate.
  • We will respect your property - all our staff take great care not to damage walls, door frames or floors.
  • We'll be there on time.
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