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Calgary Movers Has Calgary Storage Available

Calgary Movers is a moving company that is committed to maintain the highest sets of standards in the industry; this is our distinctive feature among all other movers in Calgary. Our team has been recognized with numerous prizes and awards as the best moving services provider over the years to ensure that today you get the best moving experience you deserve.

Our company provides all spectrum of moving services available in the market of today, including local moving, long-distance moving, residential moving, commercial moving, and also specialty moving for your valuable and non-standard things. We are also happy to provide you with moving supplies for your packing process, or offer you moving truck rental service in case you decide to handle the whole move yourself. Furthermore, we also will be open to your questions and will try to give you the fullest answers to facilitate your moving experience.

Storage Service

We know that storage services are extremely important for people relocating, planning a renovation project, or just planning to unclutter their home. This is why our Calgary Movers moving company is happy to offer you a range of storage facilities for your belongings. We have storage spaces of all sizes to ensure that you can find the needed one. You can opt for small drawers as well as large rooms depending on the size of your items to store. All our storage facilities are clean and guarded not only by people but also with the help of video cameras which means that we are able to observe your storages 24/7.

We have storage facilities in several locations in Calgary to ensure that you can find the closest and most convenient location to store your items. Calgary Movers guarantee that everything you store with us will remain in its primarily condition; our storage spaces are supplied with special climate control technologies that maintain constant temperature and humidity level so that your valuable papers or pieces of furniture are not exposed to humidity and do not get infected with mold or anything else. We also carefully observe our premises in terms or different pests issues and can promise that no instances of any pests will be present in your storage place.

Packing and Delivery

Calgary Movers know that when moving or planning a renovation people have a lot of things to take care of. This is why we provide packing and delivery services. It means that we can come to your home and pack everything that you need to store in our facilities. We will also take care of the actual transportation if you need to. Our manager will ensure to give you notices about the payment periods and expiration of your contract. After you no longer require any storage space to use, we can provide you with the delivery of your belongings back to your home or to any location needed to again safe your time and relief any troubles you may experience. Call us today and forget about the worries!

Your belongings will arrive in the same condition as they left.
We stand by our estimate.
We will respect your property - all our staff take great care not to damage walls, door frames or floors.
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