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Tips for Moving with Pets

It’s one thing to move residences when you only have to transport furniture and other property, but it is quite another thing when you have to move a furry (or scaled, or winged) friend with you. Moving can make pets extremely uncomfortable, from the noise of moving trucks to the simple disorientation that comes with living in a totally unfamiliar environment. Luckily, there are a few tricks that you can use to make the moving process easier for your pets.

Notify Your Moving Company

Once you have chosen a Calgary moving company or other movers from a different region, make sure that they are aware that you have a pet who will be coming with you. A skilled moving company can take this into account when it comes to planning the logistics of the move. Your movers can also provide useful advice and collaboration that can help make the trip more relaxing for your pet. If you have a dog, cat, or other uncaged animal, you might even want to let it meet the movers before you begin packing. This will give them a level of familiarity that can put them at ease.

Talk with Your Vet

Early in the moving process, you should also reach out to your pet’s veterinarian. This serves two important purposes. First, notifying your vet early allows you to get access to important records, including immunization schedules, that are relevant to your pet. This makes it much easier when you choose another vet in your new hometown. Second, your vet can provide you with advice on how to handle your pet’s specific personality. This may include the use of sedatives for long trips, and your vet will be able to provide those if needed.

Prepare an Overnight Kit

Just as you should make sure to pack an overnight bag for yourself in case something goes wrong with your move, you should also pack an overnight kit for your pet. This should include food, bedding, litter if applicable, prescription medications if the pet has any, and a few of the pet’s favorite toys. Even if nothing goes wrong during the move, having these things on hand can help keep your pet calm and occupied while you begin the unpacking process.

Set up a Room for Your Pet

Once you are moved into your new location, give your pet some space to figure out where they are and what they like about their new home. If possible, set up a quiet room where you don’t expect to do a lot of unpacking early on. This will give the pet a chance to look over the space, get used to the sounds and smells of the new home, and generally get acclimated before being thrown into the action of a totally new building and neighborhood. Talk to your pet often during this time. Soothe them if they look nervous and make sure they have food and playthings.

Use Your Own Vehicle for Transport

A move is a very traumatic time for a pet, especially if they don’t handle change well. To help keep them calm, you should travel with them in a vehicle they recognize if at all possible. This will make a major life change seem at least a little familiar, as though the pet is headed to the vet’s office rather than an entirely new place. Traveling with your pets also gives them a little bit of familiarity and comfort, which makes the transition as a whole much easier. If for some reason you can’t use your normal vehicle to transport your pets, try for a relatively quiet mode of transportation, such as a rented van over a moving truck. The quieter the ride, the less nervous pets will be, especially if they are high-strung.

The important thing to keep in mind when moving pets is that they are likely to feel uncomfortable and maybe even a little scared about all the changes. However, your bond with your pets can make the experience relatively painless. As long you keep the wellbeing of your pets in the forefront of your mind and take care to prepare appropriately, your move will go fine. With any luck, your pets will love your new residence even more than the old one.

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