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Advice from Pro Movers: What You Need to Know about Packing for a Move

A moving period in your life is always exciting because you make a step into the unknown and hope for the best. But before you start that move, you need to pack everything efficiently so that the relocation goes smoothly. For this article we have selected the best recommendations from Calgary movers to help you organize your packing as effectively as possible.

1. Gather supplies

First of all, you need to have some equipment for packing. The basic tools, according to Calgary moving companies, include boxes of all sizes, a packing tape, bubble wrap for any fragile items, permanent markers for marking the boxes, trash bags, and a good sense of humor. To get boxes you can stop at a local store or supermarket and simply ask for the used supplies, while the others can be easily bought from the same store.

2. Make an inventory and separate things

Look through all the belongings you plan to move and separate them into 3 piles: take, donate/sell, throw away. In this way, you will already see that all the necessary things have been reduced by three and now packing will go easier and faster. Considering two other piles – sell everything you can to compensate some of your moving costs and donate what is impossible to sell. Throw away the rest.

3. First packing

The first packing is about collecting things that you can live without for a long time, such as some books or old photo albums, or seasonal equipment and clothes. At the first step of packing you need to do as many things up as you can without ruining the normal order of your life, say Calgary relocation professionals.

4. Second packing

The second packing is about important things you will need in the first place to continue living after the move: some kitchen fittings, bed linens, school stuff for kids and so on. Moreover, to the same package you need to include all the detergents, because according to Calgary moving experts, the first thing you will be doing at a new place is cleaning.

5. Third packing

This is the final packing, and it should include things that you will need during the first couple of days after the move: some clothes, supplies, and personal hygiene items. These things should go with you wherever you go, so pack all the important documents or expensive stuff here.

6. Trash

When the final stage of packing is done, you will definitely have lots of litter to throw away, so take trash bags and start collecting these items. While throwing the ‘leftovers’ away, try to be very accurate because sometimes, as Calgary movers claim, people throw out valuable things and then regret it.

Now that your home is packed and all the trash is collected, professionals in Calgary moving advise to sit down and look through the inventory to ensure that you have done everything planned before you leave your house forever. If everything is OK, say good bye and step into your new life!


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